10 Gadgets You May Not Heard About

10 Gadgets You May Not Heard About

Technology is constantly evolving and improving day by day. Old gadgets become sleek, smaller and more efficient than ever. The list of gadgets below are innovations that are brilliantly redesigned yet somehow, they have gone unnoticed. On  we found out most of these gadgets are already available in the market.

To know more, let’s explore on  about those 12 un-noticed brilliant gadgets on we have in the list.

Solar-Powered Water Distiller

This amazing gadget can turn salted and dirty water into clean and drinkable water without using any power or electricity. It is mostly made from simple accessible materials. People in rural areas can pour unclean water into the water distiller in the morning, and by evening they will have clean and drinkable water.

No-Computer Photo Scanner

As we all know paper photos cannot last forever. Today, the best way to preserve photos is to make them digital. But what can one do with their old photos, especially if one is not computer savvy? This easy no computer photo scanner will scan your old photos for you and store them on a memory card so that even the old memories stays with you forever.

Preventing Your Plumbing from Freezing

If you live in a place where temperatures drop to the freezing point, you might have had the experienced of having your plumbing freeze or had bursting pipes. This handy gadget will prevent your plumbing from freezing automatically by shutting off the main valve when temperatures become too low in the winters.

The Universal Unsubscribing App

If you are tired of getting spam mails you just can’t seem to get rid of, don’t worry as PaperKarma will handle it for you. Paper karma is an app that lets you take an image of spam mails, they will contact the advertisers and unsubscribe you from their mailing list.

Safe Driving App

Driving safely has now its own reward, but with the SafeDrive application. The app gets you exclusive deals in some of your favorite shops if you drive without using your phon. You can accumulate points, which can then be converted to huge discounts on products you love to buy.

Solar Plant-Health Sensor

This amazing solar-powered health sensor, can check the levels of humidity, nutrients and water in the ground. It can easily synchronize with your smartphone, informing you what your flowers, herbs and other plants need.

Nutrient Sensor

The SCiO, anutrient sensor is a pocket-sized gadget that can scan your food and tell you what exact chemical composition the food contains It can check the chemical composition of almost anything around you.

Posture-Improving Clothes

The Intelliskin, is a posture improving shirt that not only helps improve your posture but also cools you down in hot weathers, evaporates your sweat, eliminates any body odors and provides you with 50 SPF protection.

Solar-Charging Backpack

This solar charging backpack allows you to charge your devices on the go. The Samsonite Solar Business Laptop Backpack can charge your smartphone, laptop and just anything that requires electricity with the solar energy.

The Tile

This amazing little thing‘tile’ can help you keep track of anything. From your car keys to your wallet, the Tile uses Bluetooth technology that sync with your smartphone with the help of an app and let you know where your “tiled” things are.

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