8 coolest fashion bloggers in the UK

8 coolest fashion bloggers in the UK

The fashion influencers have always chosen the UK to base their fashion industry since the scene involves no boundaries and more surprises. The chic and quirky fashion outfits making you look extra special are all coming from these fashion bloggers who know it all. Here the coolest fashion bloggers in the UK you must follow to stay in touch with the latest trends.

Jen Allison / ‘J for Jen’

An established name on in the fashion blogging industry, Jen Allison is Leeds-based and was formerly known as A Little Bird Told Me. She has a quirky tinge in her write-ups that are a collaborative effort of fashion, travel, beauty and gist of life. She has teamed up with many well-known faces featured in magazines like Cosmopolitan and Grazia. She’s been on it since the 90’s, and her professionalism shows up in her time to time updates that include a lot of her day to day life hacks. Being a mother, she shares the little help used by other moms looking for hacks.


One of the younger fashion influencers in the UK, SorayaBakhtiar approaches life in a very positive and imaginative way. A yoga practitioner by heart, Soraya travels to gain her quiet spirituality and draws inspirations from her regular life. She is a native Swiss beauty with a blend of a Persian and Egyptian backdrop. Soraya has worked with multivariant known brands like ELLE, ASOS, Vogue UK, Cosmopolitan and many more

Ella Catliff / ‘La Petite Anglaise’

This London based English model and blogger has managed to raise the bar of the fashion industry with her conventional fashion sense and creative work. Ella Catliff started her blog eight years back and is growing into a celebrity over the years. Her blog is living proof of her enormous work with industry’s high-end labels like Chanel, Dior Beauty, H&M, etc. Her distinct fashion sense brought her up to model a few stunning outfits and is a successful model today. She appeared in a lot of magazine covers and editions like Marie Claire, Glamour Magazine and Elle.

Hannah Crosskey / ‘A Fashion Fix.’

An experiment by a connoisseur, A Fashion Fix continues to evolve in the vast fashion industry. The fascinating thing about Hannah is her ‘about’ section where she admits she is no expert and is out in a learning process. The six-year-old blog she holds is a result of her hobby and passion towards beauty. Her blog is as lively as her travel stories and indeed a fix in the fashion world.

Megan Ellaby

The twenty-something-year-old blogger started her blog as a diary in her university to write in her spare time.  And just like that, with her dedication and love for her hobby, it became one of the most influential blogs within five years. Megan Ellaby is a proud Mancunian with three awards one of which includes Cosmopolitan Best Fashion Influencer. Her blog is a beautiful sparkle in the fashion world.

Sandra Hagelstam / ‘5 inch and up.’

As the name suggests, Sandra Haglesham’s blog talks all it needs to up the fashion trend. The Gorgeous Finnish Blogger, 24, started her blog as a daily log of her wardrobe. Sandra enjoys photography and fashion while she aspires to be a commercial designer. Her interest lies mostly in shoes (and so the name) and has the best blogs on boots and heels available in the market.

Josie / ‘Fashion Mumblr.’

Josie, a fashion business graduate, prefers pastels and solid colours for her fashion diversity. Her blog is a London-based lifestyle designed to acknowledge inspirational details about fashion and travel. Josie incorporates an intriguing chic and feminine style to an affordable trend in everyday life. Apart from her regular blogs, Josie is a YouTuber, writer, Photographer and a business owner and began her blog at the age of 19!

Peony Lim

Peony Lim is a big name in the fashion world with features in Vogue, Glamour US, ASOS and many well-known labels.

The famous fashion blogger is a Chinese and English native travelling between London and Asia and creating a lovely content. A luxury brand ambassador, Peony studied Fashion Promotion, graduated in Arts and opened her online boutique in 2011.

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