A Quick 101 for Choosing Your Prom Dress

A Quick 101 for Choosing Your Prom Dress

The most anticipated event of your high school life undoubtedly the prom night. You totally deserve to make as much of this memorable night, because it will stay with you for a lifetime and you will soon be entering the real world to face real challenges. Proms are all about love, dance, music, dun and above everything else glamour. Girls have an extra reason to love proms for the way it lets you get dolled up like a diva and walk the red carpet.

The glamour and fashion race that prom nights trigger bring a lot of stress for girls. The biggest problem in this one season is getting the perfect dress for the big night. Although the dress is not the single important factor and other elements such as accessories, hair, makeup and the overall look in general matters, the dress is the key driving factor. If your dress goes wrong, everything else goes haywire too. It is this one holy grail item that you need to get right and everything else will get in place automatically. Here is a quick guide to help you save from any last moment troubles.

Plan Early

This one is the first step and is no brainer, yet most girls ignore the need of planning their dresses early. Prom Dresses are easily available off the rack, but everything that is available ready to wear might not work well for you. You cannot just walk into your venue wearing ill-fitted prom with slippery shoulders or falling waist belts. You need something that is designed to suit and fit your body and that is exactly why you should have adequate time on your hand. Most girls do need to get some alterations done even if they manage to find a ready-made outfit because usually, it is difficult to fit the standard sample size measurements for everyone. Of course alterations or customization will only be possible if you have that much time on your hands.

Your Body Type

The biggest blunder that most girls end up making is to but a prom dress that is not meant for their body. Prom dresses are not like denim and cannot be used as a universal garment. Certain styles will only suit certain types of bodies unless of course you are blessed with an hour glass frame. If you are pear-shaped or on the bulkier side, the good news is that many stores today have a dedicate line for plus size prom dresses. If you do not know what kind of dress will work best for you, go through a few tutorials to understand your body type and the corresponding cuts and fabrics that will flatter it.

Dress Code

Now that you have your design, size and everything else sorted and you have a few options to choose from, pay attention to the dress code. At the end of the day you are high school kid and not Beyonce, so make sure you dress like you are expected to dress. Avoid dresses that are too revealing or provocative. If you still want to show a bit of skin, go for one of the illusion gowns with sheer fabric, but do not go too overboard with

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