Altitude Training Mask-A Precious Asset for Athletes

Altitude Training Mask-A Precious Asset for Athletes

Today altitude training mask has become a precious asset for athletes. The industry or fitness and sports have undergone many ups and downs while seeking a nice helping device of breathing for athletes. When a new product enters the market it is first of all scrutinized and then it replaces old fashioned assets meant for sports purpose. The masks for high altitude training have become the latest craze of entire sports equipment industry. It may be possible that as an athlete when you wear these masks on your face then your personality may resemble to that of Batman. However this sports item grants many benefits that will enable you to give a positive and winning performance.

The Body

Let us study the reason that gave invention to altitude training mask. Athletes who took part in Olympics during 1968 in Mexico gave low quality performances in events that were based on endurance. On the other hand events based on sprints broke great records. These games gave rise to do research and studies concerned with effect of high altitudes on the performance of athlete sportsmen. Finally researchers tried to find out how high altitudes could be beneficial for sportsmen.

This gave rise to high altitude training. In this kind of training athletes practice sports at high altitudes of 1600 meters above sea level where air pressure seems to be reduced. Thus the pressure and supply of oxygen is also reduced this means athletes have to perform with less oxygen supply. This condition is known as “air thinning”. In this condition the human body adjusts itself with low oxygen supply and creates more red blood cells as well as hemoglobin that help to transfer oxygen to various parts of the human body. When the occasion of sports competition arrives athletes get benefit from this increased consumption of oxygen through red blood cells.

The masks for high altitude training have been innovated for those sportsmen who do practice on places that are located in  regions of high altitude. These altitudes are a little bit different than doing sports practice directly on hilly and mountainous regions. The training mask forces athletes to breath against the air supply resistance that make it harder to get the supply of oxygen instead of thinning of air supply at high altitudes. This mask seems so easy and simple to wear. Just cover your mouth with it and you can get great help when you find it harder to breathe while practicing and performing at places located on high altitudes.

Sports researchers have conducted some brief experiments on athlete training masks. It has been found that men and women using these masks performed well during bike racing. It has also been noted that these masks enhanced the consumption of oxygen and increased the power output of athletes.

The Conclusion

In today’s conditions of high and stiff competition among sports athletes’ altitude training mask has emerged as a precious asset. This device helps athletes to give the best performance when it comes to break records at places located at high altitudes.

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