How to become an expert in the kitchen

become an expert in the kitchen

In the kitchen, it is a fine line between amateur and expert. People study the culinary arts for years and still may not make the grade. Luckily, we have a few simple tips that you can utilise in your home, to help you make the step from toast burner to soufflé masterpiece creator.

  1. Commit to cooking

Some people have an aversion to cooking, or seem to think that they do not have the natural talent for it. But that is where the old adage “practise makes perfect” can really come into use. The more you try cooking, the better you become, and the more confident you become as well. Cooking can really be improved with confidence, so if you fail make sure not to beat yourself up about it and try, try again.

  1. Use the correct tools

A blunt knife is a bad knife. It might sound like a contradiction but using a very sharp knife is actually a lot safer than using a knife that will not cut evenly. Make sure that you have Tupperware to hand for storing ingredients that you need to use a lot. It is also important to make sure you have the ability to keep vegetable ingredient separated from meat ingredients.

  1. Make the time for it

Not having time for something is an excuse we use when it is not a priority in our lives. If you are serious about becoming a better chef in your household, you need to make the time for cooking. You can push back those social dates, or record your important tv series – but cooking takes time. The more often you make good time for cooking, the easier it will become and the more natural it will feel.

  1. Create a good atmosphere

You need positive energy for good cooking. This can take many forms, from having good lighting in your workspace, to having good people around you, all the way to filling the room with good music.

  1. Start with the basics

Start with the easy basics, there is no need to throw yourself into the hardest cooking you can imagine. You do not have to be able to flip a pancake like the top tv chefs, or create an incredible sauce from scratch using only your cooking instincts. Being able to follow a simple recipe is a good start.

  1. Enjoy your food

The last tip is to make food you enjoy. It is very hard to be enthusiastic about food that you do not like. You can also practise by yourself before creating food for a dinner date with friends. If you would like practise creating a large amount of food, make sure you have Tupperware handy to store the leftovers for later eating.

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