Is hemp oil different from CBD oil?

With the legalization of cannabis and related product in numerous part of the world, people are getting to know about the health benefits associated with it. Cannabisprohibition leads to people considering it as a taboo, however with legalization and continuous studies people have now realized the set of benefits associated with it. The market has spiked up with the cannabis products and the demands are increasing continuously.

People who do not have clear and good knowledge about cannabisproducts often get confused between hemp oil and CBD oil as both are derived from the same plant. However, the part of the plant they come from and how they are used creates the biggest difference between the two. Hemp oil is fabricated from the seeds of the hemp plant whereas the CBD oil is derived from flowers and leaves of the plant.

Hemp oil is commonly used as cooking oil, protein supplement and in the formation of lotions and soaps. They are said to have high nutrient content. On the other hand, CBD oil is primarily used for medicinal purposes such as treating inflammation, chronic pain and more. It is important for a common person to have a good and broad idea on hemp oil vs CBD oil, in order to make some efficient choices when investing in cannabis product. It is easy to get confused because of varieties of marijuana products available, including oils, lotions,and tinctures. Below is the list of usage and properties of hemp and CND oil which might help differentiate

  • Hemp oil

They are extracted from hemp seeds and are taken from industrial hemp plants which containa really small amount of THC, the chemical in marijuana plant which causes the high feeling. Hemp oil gets used in diverse ways and is the best-known way for replacement of common carrier oil. It is said to have a nutty flavor and is an enriched source of protein. Hemp oils are used in diverse ways from being used as ingredientin the foramtion of lotion or soaps to help hydrate the skin, or to be used as a natural moisturizer after taking shower. According to studies, it can also be used to treat atopic dermatitis and has anti-aging properties for the skin. Moreover, hemp oil also aids pain, stress and sleeps problems and for sleep issues, it must be consumed in the evening or before going to bed.

  • CBD oil

CBD is short for cannabidiol and is also known as hemp extract. Unlike hemp oil, it is extracted from the flower, leaves and other parts of the plant except for the seeds. CBD can be defined as a naturally occurring chemical in cannabis plant that has non-psychoactive property. Usually, the cannabis satin is said to possess more than 400 chemical properties naturally and different strains possess unique properties. Hence, it is important for an individual to explore the set of benefits and the use of cannabis can be differentiated easily.

The uses of CBD usually revolve around medical applications and are widely used by athletes for pain management and to lessen inflammation. Moreover, the studies have concluded that CBD based medicine can be used for the treatment of certain types of epilepsy.

The uses of CBD are now expanding as new discoveries are made. The CBD oils are now recommended to treat depression and ease stress to help fight with side-effects of cancer treatment such as nausea, vomiting while undergoing chemotherapy.Not only human beings are benefited from the CBD oil but it also provides aid to animals.

Hemp oil and CBD oil have important uses and differ greatly from each other. Hence, take the time to learn about both before making a purchase.

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