JEE 2019: How to Prepare for World’s Most Challenging Engineering Entrance Exam

Most Challenging Engineering Entrance Exam

JEE is one of the most prominent engineering entrance examinations conducted for admission to some of the top engineering colleges in India. The exam is conducted on a national level and is deemed to be one of the most challenging exams in the world. The competition is also intense as lakhs of students appear for the exam. Furthermore, the exam itself is divided into two phases which include JEE Mains and JEE Advanced and only students who clear the first mains exam will be allowed to appear for the final exam.

Having said that, if anyone of you is planning to get into your desired engineering college then you must remember that having a good preparation for JEE is very important. Besides, it is beneficial only if you clear the exams. Getting through the exams could be the most rewarding thing for your career ahead but there are a few key things that you should keep in mind to get to that stage. JEE requires a smart, organized and an extended effort. You have to be dedicated and at the same time be confident about your abilities to crack the exam. In any case, we have listed a few useful tips below which you can follow to have a better preparation for the exams.

Have a Proper Time-table

While you have to appear for the board exams and at the same time prepare for JEE, you should make a proper timetable for studying. With a well-organized study time and following it systematically will help you in properly studying for each exam. You should allocate proper time for each subject and this will significantly help you cover the entire syllabus as well as conduct revisions on time.

Know The Syllabus

In order to prepare productively, you should know the syllabus thoroughly. Once you carefully read through the whole syllabus you will basically get an insight into the important topics and questions. You should then focus on spending more time learning about these topics. One useful trick you can follow is you should compare the syllabus of JEE as well as your 12 board. By doing this you will get to know the common topics.

Get a Clear Idea of The Fundamentals

JEE is mostly about testing your in-depth knowledge about topics related to Physics, Chemistry and Maths subjects. Thus, you should have a clear understanding of all the fundamentals. The exams are also designed to test how you approach specific problems and come out with some solution.

Use Official Resources

It is important to prepare for JEE using the right kind of study material. For instance, using too many books or inappropriate material can directly have a negative impact on your preparation. Try and limit your resources and instead go for the right and helpful books. You can, in fact, start preparing well by going through your class 12 textbooks and you can also make use of NCERT books as these have greater significance than others. Also, remember to study topic wise and not just subject wise. Focus on taking  revisions as much as you can. It is one of the most effective ways of learning.

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Practise Sample Question Papers

This is basically the most important aspect of preparing well for JEE 2019. You should practice often and solve past JEE Mains paper or JEE Advanced question papers as well as attempt mock tests. By doing this, you will know about your preparation level, manage time properly and also figure out which areas you lack. Notably, by continuously engaging in such activities will also enable you to raise your confidence level.

These are some of the useful tips that you can follow to start preparing productively for the competitive exams. To learn more information on competitive exams, you can check out BYJU’S YouTube channel.

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