Understanding How Word Press Works

Understanding How WordPress Works

People that aren’t all that familiar with tech and the internet may consider WordPress to be just a software, the most commonly used software for creating websites and blogs and for web publication. While they are correct, there is more to WordPress than just that. This article is meant to provide a broader view of the world’s leading “website builder”.

Since it started in 2003, WordPress has grown so much that it currently powers a quarter of all the websites available online. WordPress does not only help create blogs; it powers some of the biggest websites there are, including several popular news sites.

This did not happen by chance. There are a lot of reasons WordPress is one of the most used web building platforms in the world. In this article, I’ll highlight four reasons why this is so.

First of, WordPress works on the principle of Open Sourcing or Open Collaboration. What this means is that thousands of web developers all across the world are the actual contributors to WordPress. These people work constantly on the platform’s source codes to constantly upgrade its functions.  This makes it free. It is not actually owned by anybody. Anybody can create a website and put up contents using this platform absolutely free of charge. In fact, with WordPress, you can create your own site in seconds without any knowledge or skill on web development.

There’s another reason why WordPress enjoys this much popularity – it’s flexibility. It is the most flexible software available in the world. With several developers working to constantly upgrade it, numerous plugins and various themes are available for your use.  Thus, you can make whatever design or change to your site as you deem fit. With just few clicks, you can change the entire outlook of your website.

In addition, WordPress is user friendly. Anyone can use it. Kids design their own websites using WordPress. Even computer novices use the platform provided they can read and write. You can completely manage your website on your own. You don’t have to contact your web developer for updates and upgrades. In fact, you do not need the service of one. It is easy to use. If you can use MS Word, you definitely will be able to use this one without any stress.

While creating your site, especially if it’s high end, you might come across some particular obstacles. What you need do is to hire a web developer to do just what you need for you; helping you fix that particular obstacle. You do not need one to manage your site on your behalf. There are a lot of resources available online on how to solve these issues. You can just check out some of them. This way, you save money and increase your knowledge of the use of the software.

Creating websites have never been better. You can have your website today with just few clicks by using the world easiest, most flexible and most used website builder – WordPress.

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