What Are Casement Windows and What Are the Benefits?

Casement Windows and What Are the Benefits

Of all the window types you could choose for your home, casement windows provide one of the most elegant solutions for kitchens, bathrooms, and high-ceilinged bedrooms. For a homeowner who really wants to let in the light and the atmosphere, you simply can’t do better than a casement window, especially in hard-to-reach areas. Casement windows work using a crank that turns two hinges on each side of the window, opening each pane fully by extending it outward. Because of this, they’re able to provide many unique benefits to the home. Here are just a few reasons why casement windows are an ideal choice.

They’re Great for Security

Casement windows are among the hardest windows to break into from the outside. For this reason, they provide a unique threat to intruders. Their unique technology makes them nearly impossible to open from the outside, making them practically impenetrable. Because of the nature of these windows, homeowners can even keep their windows open a slight crack to let the air in and not have to worry about any break-ins or infiltration. This effect also makes cleaning your windows much easier, since you’re left without all the strips of protruding wood or metal (known as muntin) that block the view and give intruders something to grab hold of from the outside.

They’re Convenient

Perhaps, you live in an older home with lots of high ceilings and hard to reach places. If so, casement windows are the perfect way to access to a nice breeze without breaking your back. Since casement windows work via crank, homeowners only need to have access to the bottom of a window to be able to open it. Their higher-up placement makes them even more ideal when it comes to security and safety. The crank method is also a much more child-safe feature than those used by more traditional windows.

They Give a Better View

Because of the lack of borders or muntins around the perimeter, casement windows are designed to give a much fuller and better view of the outside world. Simply by using sashes instead of muntins, casement windows are able to provide a wide vista without any borders or potential blockage point. For homeowners who enjoy a nice view, casement windows is a perfect addition to kitchens or living rooms.

They Catch the Breeze

Because the air around the house travels in at a strange angle, casement windows are actually better equipped to let the air in around the home. Rather than windows that open vertically and allow only a bit of air to get in, casement windows open outwardly, creating a unique type of funnel that creates the chance for much better circulation in the home. If you’re worrying that this advantage will quickly turn into a disadvantage in the winter when cold gusts of wind are unwelcome, don’t worry. Casement windows are easier to clean and seal than most windows and can be better protected to keep out all the cold air and drafts in bad weather.

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