What are Most Important Chapters in JEE Main 2019?

Most Important Chapters in JEE Main 2019

In order to take admission in the top colleges of India, you need to appear for JEE Main, one of the most competitive entrance exam for engineering. To crack JEE Main 2019, you should focus on important topics and plan your schedule accordingly.

JEE Main exam date and centre allotment have been released by NTA. You can download your admit card for JEE Main 2019 from 17th December 2018 as the engineering exam is scheduled from 6th January 2019 to 20th January 2019.

To clear this JEE Main 2019 exam, you need to start your preparation in a smart way rather than in a hard way. Determining your right approach is as important as the process of studying. You must focus on important topics of the JEE Main exam syllabus and give special attention to chapters which have high weightage. Getting well-versed with the important topics of the exam will provide you with that extra needed edge to crack the JEE Main 2019 exam. Having a proper plan with well-structured strategies will help you to make the best use of the time and resources.

Important JEE Main Chapters with Weightage

Subjects Topics Number of Questions Marks
Physics Electrodynamics 8 32
Mechanics 8 32
Modern Physics 5 20
Optics 2 8
Heat and Thermodynamics 4 16
SHM and Waves 3 12
Chemistry Organic Chemistry -II 10 40
Physical Chemistry- I 7 28
Physical Chemistry-II 5 20
Inorganic Chemistry-I 5 20
Mathematics Differential Calculus 7 28
Integral Calculus 4 16
Coordinate Geometry 3 12
Coordinate Geometry (3D) 2 8
Matrix and Determinants 2 8
Probability 2 8
Trigonometry 2 8

Note: You can refer to the above mentioned important chapters during your last-minute exam preparation. You should dedicate your entire time limit to the complete syllabus. The chapter-wise weightage depends on the exam structure and can change with the exam pattern.

JEE Main Important Chapters

JEE Main is all about covering the complete syllabus of the exam rather on gaining the in-depth knowledge of one topic. As the time gets closer, and a few months left for the exam, the selective study comes into the play. Here are the important topics that you need to cover:


High Weightage Topics Low Weightage Topics
1.   Heat and Thermodynamics

2.   Ray Optics

3.   Gravitation

4.   Wave Optics

5.   Photoelectric Efforts

6.   Oscillations

7.   Electromagnetic Waves

8.   Error and Instrument Analysis

9.   Waves and Sound

10.  Properties of Matter

11.   Kinematics

12.  Electrostatics

13.  Rotation

14.  Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism

15.  Current Electricity and Capacitors

16.  Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current.

1.  Heat Transfer

2.   Fluids

3.   Nuclear Physics and X-Rays

4.   Work, Energy and Power

5.   Units and Measurements

6.   Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation

7.   Circular Motion

8.   Laws of Motion

9.   Communication Systems

10.  Centre of Mass and Collisions


High Weightage Topics Low Weightage Topics
1. Chemical Bonding

2. Periodic Table

3. Atomic Structure

4. Aromatic Compounds

5. Gaseous and Liquid State

6. Electrochemistry

7. Chemical Kinetics

8. General Organic Chemistry

9. Isomerism

10. Carboxylic Acids and derivations

1.  Chemical Equilibrium

2.  Redox and Volumetric Analysis

3.  Solutions

4.  Hydrocarbons

5.  Mole Concept

6.  Nitrogen Compounds and Aliphatic Amines

7.  Ionic Equilibrium

8.  Biomolecules and Polymers


High Weightage Topics Low Weightage Topics
  1. 3-Dimensional Geometry
  2. Vectors
  3. Straight Line, Circle
  4. Probability Distribution
  5. Determinant and Matrices
  6. Limits, Continuity and Differentiability
  7. Complex Numbers
  8. Quadratic Equation
  9. Binomial Theorem
  10. Conic Sections
1. Trigonometric Equations

2. Statistics

3.  Mathematical Logic

4.  Set and Relation

5.  Height and Distance

6. Properties of Triangle

7.  Permutations and Combinations

8.  Indefinite Integral

9.  Trigonometric Ratio and Functions

How list has been prepared for important topics of JEE Main 2019?

The list of important chapters is prepared by analysing the previous year questions papers. The questions which are asked frequently in the examination becomes the important topics for following years.

Should chapters with more weightage be enough to crack JEE Main 2019?

The simple answer is NO. In order to crack the JEE Main, you should study the entire syllabus.  But if you have less time to prepare for the exam, then complete your theory part with entire syllabus and practice questions of these important topics.

If you want to score a good rank in JEE Main, you need to be consistent and hardworking. Other factors remaining constant, your scoring depends on your level of preparation. If you have honestly devoted your time throughout the year, planned your preparation well and now focused more on the important chapters to revise, then you are more inclined to your success rate this year.

Practice more with mock tests and previous year question papers and identifying your weak areas and analysing your mistakes in order to get a good grasp of the topics is also an important step in preparing for JEE Main.  Rigorous practice with adequate time-intervals and proper rest is also an imperative thing to follow while aiming to score a good rank in JEE Main 2019.
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