Why Has Vinyl Flooring Become so Popular?

Vinyl Flooring Become so Popular

For those of you who are unaware, vinyl flooring has never before been so popular and if you want to know just why, read below!

  • Affordable
  • Wide selection in design and texture
  • A choice of tiling or sheeting
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Scratch and dent resistant

In the Beginning

Vinyl’s history began just after World War II ended and in the 1950’s it had moved up to replace lino (linoleum) as a cheaper, water resistant floor solution.

Perfect Flooring

  • Floors certainly play a large part in all of our daily lives, and some people when they hear the word vinyl flooring, might think it’s the same as lino.
  • But, modern vinyl flooring is a different thing altogether.
  • Top quality flooring stores in Adelaide provide vinyl flooring as both an economical and a highly versatile home flooring solution.
  • Made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), you will see the tiles in hallways, kitchens and even bathrooms.
  • The two main types of vinyl flooring are that of the standard and self-sticking tile designs.
  • When selecting this type of flooring, you should take your time and decide which type would look great in your home.

The Standard Vinyl Flooring Type

  • The standard design of flooring tile is manufactured from thin, square tiles in different colours and designs.
  • These are the least expensivekind of vinyl flooring, but not as easy to install as other types.
  • When you fit these tiles, you have to cover your floor with an adhesive.
  • This adhesive has to be left in place until it hardens, and then the tiles be put into place.
  • This can be somewhat messy and there might be the need for a clean-up afterwards, especially for people lacking in experience in tile fitting.

The Self-Sticking Type

  • The self-sticking type of vinyl flooring tiles makes things easier with regards to fitting, and offers a simpler solution for the DIY householder.
  • And while this type of tile isa little more expensive than those of the standard vinyl design, they are a much easier to fit and less messier.
  • The self-stick tiles have the adhesive on the back of them, so there’s no having to use a separate glue.
  • When fitting, the backing paper is peeled off from every tile, put into place and then put down and pressed to give it great adhesion.

Vinyl Flooring Plank Type

  • Along with the above two types of composite flooring tiles, there are now of vinyl flooring planks.
  • These planks closely resemble wood flooring, but feature the advantages of vinyl flooring tiles.
  • Plank flooring providesa unique looking finish, which makes it easy to have in your home (or office) a stone or wood-like type of finish.
  • The planks have a channel along down the edges so that the flooring can be fitted nice and snugly without any adhesive.
  • People who are interested should consider the different types of quality and finish now available when choosing great vinyl tiles.

Take your time and then make a superb choice for your lovely home.

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