Why rent a 4WD Campervan on Your Next Road trip?

Campervan on Your Next Road trip

When you’re planning a campervan hire trip there are a wide variety of things to plan out. In the midst of all your thinking regarding what to pack and where to camp, of course there is the ultimate question: Which campervan will you rent? This decision comes down to the size of your traveling party, the specifics of your trip, and your camping situation while on the journey. One thing you may overlook in your search is if the camper you have your eyes on is 4WD. There have been an increasing number of travelers that have been steadily relying on 4WD campers only for their trips. There are a number of reasons why:

Maximum Versatility 

When you’re traveling with a 4WD vehicle you can plan your trip to cover a wide array of different types of terrains without having to worry about falling into any territories that the RV can’t handle. As a matter of fact, you won’t have to worry at all since a 4WD vehicle can handle any type of territory. This will eliminate one of the hardest steps in planning a journey, which is trying to match the right RV to the territory in question. Now you can plan a trip for multiple territories and not even have to worry about your vehicle being able to handle the various terrains.

Off Roading

As a matter of fact, when you have a 4WD vehicle you don’t even need to worry about roads at all. With this type of vehicle you can set into off roading territory and enjoy a journey far off the beaten path. There are a variety of off roading trails all over the country to choose from, with some being just day trips and others being many nights in the wild. A 4WD vehicle will allow you to take on one of these missions. Many have claimed that you haven’t really been on a campervan journey until you’ve gone off roading through the wild and camping out along the way. There has been a whole movement of 4WD enthusiasts over the past several decades who have created a worldwide community dedicated to 4WD travel. There are a great number of new trails that have sprung up over the years, plus a number of websites and message boards dedicated solely to this type of travel. When you rent a 4WD campervan hire you are joining a vibrant community dedicated to this unique and exciting method of travel.

Unexpected Hardships

Even if you haven’t planned an off roading adventure or a multi-terrain trip, a 4WD vehicle comes in handy no matter the type of journey you’re headed on. For those heading out into easy domains who think they won’t need a 4WD vehicle then think again. This type of motorhome can get you out of some serious jams on the road from adverse weather conditions to unexpected detours. When you have this type of vehicle you never have to worry about any of these issues. Your 4WD will be able to get you out of even the stickiest situations. Let’s say you’re in an area where a mudslide or heavy rain occurs. With a regular vehicle you would end up stranded or, even worse, stuck in a bad situation on the road. This will certainly not be the case with a 4WD which can make its way out of such a situation no trouble.

Ease Of Travel

Aside from all the other benefits, 4WD campers have also been known to handle the road much better than any other type of RV. Even if you aren’t traveling through steep terrain or rugged conditions, the 4WD can ease up your travel conditions even on just regular roads. The turns have been known to be much easier with these types of vehicles and the overall handling easier than the other models. There is a reason that most new high end campervan models are automatically 4WD. This is because demanding customers want nothing but quality and top handling, even if they aren’t headed out on off road adventures in their rigs. If you’ve never test driven a 4WD then you don’t realize what you’re missing out on.

4WD vehicles are the absolute top of the line when it comes to a campervan hire journey. These types of vehicles can handle any type of terrain and can get the travelers out of bad conditions and weather while on their trip. They also allow adventurers to go off the roadways and expand their horizons with some off roading terrain deep into the wilderness. With the range of possibilities available, you would be wise to look at the 4WD models no matter the type of journey you are planning. Once you go 4WD, you never go back.

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